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Women Breathe Worldwide is a co-creation with The Code To Change, brought to you as a 3-part online series of breathing workshops, to start with.

We initiated this to bring a mindful pause in our busy lives during COVID19 crisis.

This breathing circle welcomes everyone who identifies as a woman, creating a worldwide field where any woman is welcome to step into. We will guide you to connect with yourself in a calm and loving way, using the consciously connected breath. You will let go all distractions from the outside world and meet yourself in a sacred inner space.

The session invites you to ‘come home’, gives you a sense of belonging, so to speak. You reconnect with a place within, a place that women (caregivers) often forget. This place is your very unique safe space, where you can feel your own truth and your authentic self. This place is always there. It is your sacred space and only you can enter it. It is yours and yours alone. It is the part of you that is always present and that has always remained unharmed.

During the session you will be guided, by breathworkers Marian Rozendaal and Lo Hermsen, into the conscious connect breath, inviting you to breathe in a flow, where you smooth out the pauses between the inhales and the exhales. In other words, you just keep breathing, regardless of the sensations you encounter. Hereby giving space to your truth and allowing whatever is there to move within you. This allows your body and mind to relax and enter a state of acceptance.

For example, if you have repressed your joie de vivre or feminine strength, you might reconnect with these authentic qualities in your session. Sometimes sad or angry feelings may surface, but know that you can transform anything and guide yourself through it if you keep breathing softly. Marian and Lo will also provide directions and support you in your process.

After the breathing session you feel energized, more connected and more grounded. You ‘come home’ within yourself and (re)discovered the place you can always return to.

The next dates are Sunday 5th of July and 2nd of August, at 12.00h.

The events will be posted on the Facebook-pages of The Code To Change and Inner Journeys.

Not on Facebook? Send an email to receive the direct Zoom-link.


Recordings of these sessions are made available for you to download.

The first session included an introduction, explaining the connected breathing. There are 2 versions available: One with complete welcome, introduction, session and closing words. Second recording contains only the breathing session.

NOTE: No names or voices of women present are ever included in these recording.

Soon an introduction video will be posted here, explaining you how to support yourself using your breath during the workshops.


Founder of the Code To Change, Rose Gill, asked Marian Rozendaal and myself, as breathworkers, to join in partnership to provide a safe space to go on a journey within, while being connected with women worldwide.

“My name is Lo and I love working with the breath. As a full-time breath worker, I facilitate individuals and groups, online and offline, in connecting with their truth, using the breath. There is so much wisdom in our bodies, there is so much healing we can activate, through allowing to feel what is there. The breath, in my believe, is a powerful, honest and safe instrument to work with. In breathing, we acknowledge our truth and remember what we have forgotten.

Personally, I have been brought up in a family where intelligence was the most important thing. Feelings were not addressed and verbally there was a lot of aggression around me from a young age. Life was about working hard, taking care of everything and everyone, forgetting personal needs and desires. So that was what I became good at, forgetting myself and adjusting to the needs of people around me. In my early twenties I got an overactive thyroid gland, that confronted me with all I repressed. I learned to express myself. I worked through many tears, anger and fear – reconnected with my open and vulnerable qualities, while gaining more power and joy at the same time. I can honestly say I feel grateful and blessed with the freedom I found within. Still life can be challenging, but nowadays I love the life long learning process of being and staying true to myself – also while being in connection to others.

I feel humble and enthusiastic about facilitating women around the world, with the gentle touch of the connected breath. I hope it will give you relief, clarity and strength. We all have such beautiful and authentic qualities, that are just waiting for us to be embraced.”

“My name is Marian and I live in Amsterdam. I am a kindergarten teacher and I have lots of fun and fun with the kids every day. I have two daughters aged over 20. From the age of 18, I entered nursing and later became an intensive care nurse. Since childhood (daughter of a doctor) I have been interested in health.

After the birth of my children I also started to deal with my mental health, because I soon realized that I was not the nice mother that I saw on TV commercials every day. Through yoga I found out about breath work and have been a breath-worker for 12 years now. From a shallow breather with many pauses, I have now become a ‘pleasure breather.’

My passion is to bring as many people as possible “back home,” back to themselves, to the basics. There are all the answers and there is forgiveness. First, forgiveness to yourself. Once you can do that and have a better understanding of why you did something and that many things go unconsciously, you can also forgive others.

The kids find it easier to forgive themselves or a friend. We need to learn from the children. How beautiful would the world would be if the children were in charge!”

Rose Iffat Gill is an experienced international NGO leader-activist, digital strategist, and social entrepreneur working on gender equality and economic empowerment of women through digital inclusion. With more than 14 years of experience in the non-profit sector, Iffat founded ChunriChoupaal as a training and capacity building initiative for the social and economic empowerment of women in remote areas of the world. Rose launched ‘The Code To Change’ to bridge the gender and e-skills gap in the technology industry.

Rose has a strong focus on up-skilling and re-skilling the current talent pool to meet the ever growing and evolving needs of the digital economy.

Her recent success, The Code To Change Pakistan, has trained 80 women in digital skills and the project is now gearing up to launch an extensive program for female entrepreneurs in Southern Punjab, in partnership with Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Techstars US. The venture is also supporting 200 teachers to build their digital skills in disadvantaged communities of Punjab, Pakistan to enable continued education of children from slum areas.

Rose has been at the forefront of shaping the policy debate of women’s digital inclusion for close to a decade at grassroots and international level. She has advocated for gender equality through economic empowerment and digital empowerment at the UN’s World Summit on the Information Society-WSIS Forum, the UN’s Internet Governance Forum and the European Parliament.
Iffat’s project ‘Community Technology Center for Women’ in rural Pakistan won the Syster’s Award from the Anita Borg Institute and led her to start ChunriChoupaal and The Code To Change.

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